The 7-ft Haiku 84 brings the same technology, quality construction and style of Big Ass Fans’ award-winning 60-inch Haiku ceiling fan to spaces like restaurants, offices, retail stores and large residential spaces. Haiku 84 is even more efficient than the original Haiku, which holds the top ENERGY STAR® ranking for residential ceiling fans. To achieve that, the company’s engineers used rare-earth magnets to triple the motor’s torque output. Fashioned from aircraft-grade aluminum, Haiku 84’s airfoils offer paramount durability and efficiency.


Durable, Aircraft-grade Aluminum Airfoils

  • Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use
  • Patent-pending Thin Sheet™ airfoils feature an aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth, silent airflow at all speeds
  • Powder coated with automotive-grade paint
Haiku 84 Thinsheet Foils

Certified Pre-Balanced

  • Every Haiku undergoes a 13-step hand-balancing process before shipping, ensuring no Haiku 84 will ever rattle or wobble

Remote Control

  • Compact wireless controller for easy operation
  • Simple, minimalist elegance

Ultra-Efficient Motor

  • Engineered with rare-earth magnets to triple the motor’s torque output
  • Provides 3x the airflow of a standard ceiling fan, yet draws only 63.8 W of power at max speed
  • Even more efficient than the original Haiku, which holds ENERGY STAR®’s top 10 rankings


  • Seven control settings, including sleep, timer and the exclusive Whoosh® mode which simulates natural airflow to increase perceived cooling by up to 40%

Color Choices

  • Available in black, white and yellow.

Polished Aluminum

  • With sleek lines and style to spare, the polished aluminum Haiku 84 adds a brilliant splash of silver to showplace spaces. Learn more about the polished aluminum finish option
  • A metal finishing house that serves Harley-Davidson transforms each of the aerodynamically sculpted airfoils through an hour-long buffing process that’s followed by personal hand-finishing to ensure a flawless, reflective surface