Go ahead, hit the lights—literally. Our High Bay LED is made of heavy-duty anodized, extruded aluminum so it can handle whatever you can dish out. These durable lights are perfect for facilities from distribution centers to gymnasiums. The finely-engineered fixture dissipates heat and keeps the LEDs inside cool and bright for years and years. And the entire thing is backed by an industry-leading seven-year warranty.


Energy-Efficient Performance

  • Our LEDs outperform metal halide and fluorescent fixtures across the board—they’re more efficient, start up faster and last longer.
  • Predicted to maintain 70% of initial light output for up to 150,000 hours. That’s over 70 years of six-hour-a-day use.
  • Light output of 110 lumens/watt.

Turnkey Solution

  • You buy directly from the manufacturer (that’s us!), and we handle everything – measuring, modeling, crafting your custom solution, installation and follow-up.
  • Using our factory installation? Let us take care of all applicable local, state and federal rebates at no cost to you.
  • Complete project management from start to finish by Big Ass Light. No middlemen, no nonsense, just really good fixtures straight from the source.

7-year Warranty

  • Industry-leading 7-year fixture warranty on all components, including power supplies.
  • Big Ass Light handles all warranties without redirecting you to component manufacturers. We make it, we sell it, we install it and we guarantee it.

Tough as Hell

  • Heavy-duty anodized, extruded aluminum offers unparalleled strength and durability.
  • The entire body serves as a heat sink to quickly dissipate heat from the LEDs, extending their already-long lifespan.
  • Impact-resistant, single-piece construction that doesn’t flicker when you run over it with a truck (or anything else).

Lumen Maintenance Trays

  • Protect LEDs from dirt, debris and dead bugs.
  • Easy to change and clean—no need to get out the tools.
  • Choose from five unique, swappable lenses for light distribution from 15 to 115 degrees to provide the best light for narrow storage aisles, massive open floors or any layout in between.
    • Super-narrow LMT for 15° light distribution—perfect for narrow spaces or anywhere requiring incredibly direct, focused light
    • Narrow LMT for 55° light distribution—ideal for spaces with high ceilings that need abundant light at floor level
  • Regular LMT for 85° light distribution—an excellent choice for all ceiling types
  • Wide LMT for 115° light distribution—awesome for spaces with lower ceilings
  • Diffused LMT for 112° light distribution— bright, smooth, slightly softer overall illumination

Award-winning Design

  • Named Best Product for Efficient Lighting in the U.S. Green Building Council’s 2014 Best of Building Awards.
  • Honored with the prestigious 2014 A’Design Award.
  • Honored with a Product Innovation Award in the lighting category by Architectural Products.
  • Named 2014 Product of the Year in the lighting category by Plant Engineering.
  • Named a finalist for 2015 Product of the Year by Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

Lumen and Kelvin Options

  • Available in 20,000 lumen and 26,000 lumen models, also known as “amazingly bright” and “really amazingly bright.” We strongly suggest buying sunglasses.
  • 4000 K and 5000 K options available for both lumen outputs.

Inverted Mount

  • The same super tough, super bright Big Ass Lights—just flipped upside down
  • Why? Because sometimes you need seriously bright light, and you need to be able to look up at the same time—like when you’re serving a tennis ball, doing crunches, inspecting a diamond or just looking up at the ceiling praying for help.
  • Perfect for applications like fitness facilities (especially indoor tennis courts!) that need bright, indirect light
  • Inverted mounts are not compatible with occupancy sensors. Sorry y’all.
Inverted Mount for LED

Occupancy Sensor

  • Forget about switches—get the occupancy sensor and your lights will turn on, down and off automatically.
  • Maximize your energy savings and extend your fixtures’ lifespan. Everybody wins.

Wall and Column Mounts

We told you to stick our Big Ass Lights where the sun don’t shine. Our wall and column mounts will help you stick ’em in even more places.

  • Constructed from formed aluminum for lightweight durability
  • 360° rotation for direct, focused light, right where you need it
  • Easily adjustable if your lighting needs change
  • Column mounts compatible with I-beams